After school Nannies & Nanny-Housekeepers

As your children grow your childcare requirements will alter. Where you may have previously employed a full time nanny you may well no longer require this level of care as your children enter education.


An after school carer is a part time nanny who takes/collects, your child(ren) to/from school.

The after school carer may also work full days during the school holidays or term time only is an option too.

The after school carer will also help the children with homework, and undertake tea time and bath time, they will also be able to take and collect the children from after school activities.

A Nanny-Housekeeper is a nanny who undertakes the school runs but during the school day also carries out light household duties such as washing, ironing, children’s requirements and possibly the weekly shop.

A nanny-housekeeper is invaluable in the school holidays, with previous experience of working as a nanny, they will have lots of ideas on how to keep the children amused in the holidays whilst providing the best possible care, and yet during term time they are there if the children are unwell or need collecting from school, but household duties are being done too whilst the children are at school making your time at home a lot easier.

Both types of positions often appeal to nannies who have previously worked full time and have then had their own child who they wish to accompany them to work, this can work well, although we appreciate doesn’t suit all families requirements. We are happy to discuss these options in more depth with you, ┬áplease contact us or complete a registration form.