Consultancy Services for Parents

At East Green Child Care, we understand that not everything always ‘falls into place’ where children are involved and that some aspects of having a new baby or a toddler can be very daunting. For these occasions we can provide a  hand picked consultant.

Our consultants are trained and experienced in a variety of areas and can offer consultations in breast feeding, behaviour structure, sleep training, welcome home packages, weaning: we will listen to your requirements and find the consultant best qualified to help you.

We can provide consultants for the following:

  • Newborn care
  • Post natal care
  • Routine establishment
  • Breast/bottle feeding support
  • Sleep consultant
  • Toddler Taming
  • Reflux management
  • PND support
  • Trouble shooting / problem solving
  • Colic
  • Weaning

The consultants are all DBS and referenced checked and hold valid 1st aid certificates. They have been known to us for many years, in some cases, and so we know their approach and who will suit which family best.

All of the consultants offer an ‘after care service’ within their packages and so you will also have ongoing support for a period of time.

We receive some great feedback from these consultancies, please see below two such reviews, one for a reflux consultation and the other for sleep training and re- establishing a routine:

After Suzie’s home visit, we have been religiously holding him up for 40 minutes after every feed, giving him 4 doses of antacid per day and never lying him flat and the difference is remarkable! He is no longer a miserable baby, comfort feeding all the time, in fact he is a happy smiling little chap who has started sleeping for 6 hours overnight and going about three hours between during the day, sometimes longer. It can be hard holding him up so long (he’s not keen on a sling!) but it’s an investment in keeping him well and really paying dividends. I cannot thank you enough for your help!

My twin girls were 17 months when I finally decided I needed someone to put me on the right track. I had worked with Suzie when the girls were babies and she is highly professional yet personal. She talked me through the plan which wasn’t new to me but I just felt like I needed some one to hold my hand through it.  Suzie was reassuring and also assertive and within 1 week the girls were going to bed and not waking up until the morning. I highly recommend Suzie as a sleep trainer and the agency.

Our consultants cover all areas of Kent, Sussex, SE London and Surrey.

To discuss a consultation and your requirements, please contact us or call to discuss the options.